A solar power system offers various advantages, but what do you do when it generates excess electricity? Besides sending it back to the grid, you can also store your surplus power with a solar battery energy system.

Want to save cash, reduce your carbon footprint, and keep your premises powered at all times? Keep reading to learn about the ins and outs of solar batteries.


What is Solar Power Storage?

Solar batteries are add-ons that allow you to collect excess power created by your solar panels.

This stored electricity kicks in when your panels can’t generate enough energy—at night, during outages, and on overcast days. Solar batteries charge during the day and use the stored energy to power your house as needed.

Using battery energy imports less electricity from the grid and reduces your power bill. Without one, your excess energy goes back to the grid. Why not make the most of your generated power by storing it and using it as needed?

There are two methods of adding a battery to your solar system:

DC Coupling

This approach involves a hybrid inverter that controls your solar battery and panels. It’s typically pricier than a regular solar inverter but comes with fewer steps and more efficiency.

Some batteries only pair with specific inverters, so make sure they’re compatible first. Buying your solar and battery system simultaneously sets you up with an all-in-one energy storage system.

AC Coupling

This method involves an additional battery inverter that converts the AC output of the solar inverter into DC to charge your battery. It suits all types of solar systems but has more steps and can clash with your local grid rules on sizes.

This solar system installation choice ensures you stay connected despite bad weather or darkness by switching back to mains when necessary. There’s no need for battery storage, and installation is quick and fuss-free.

Did you know that by installing a grid connection, you also increase the value of your property? Enjoy a higher return on investment and 100% renewable energy with this setup.

Benefits of Solar Batteries

A battery energy storage system offers plenty of perks. Here’s how solar batteries can help you make the most of your sun-kissed power:


Store Excess Energy

collects your unused electricity and stores it for later use.


Backup Power

ensures your home has electricity during power outages. 


Solar Without The Sun

import less electricity from the grid and save cash.


Reduce Footprint

Less of your clean energy goes to waste.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Batteries

Got any lingering queries? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about solar battery energy:

The price of solar batteries ranges from 4K and up depending on the number of solar panels.