Solar Energy

Are you looking for a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to get your power? Solar systems are a versatile and viable way to generate energy for your building in a place as sun-soaked as Australia.

solar energy

For the cheapest, cleanest and greenest renewable energy source, switch to solar electricity and water.

Technology and panels are becoming more advanced, and their small size makes it easier than ever to install them wherever needed.

We have options for homes, businesses, and community buildings to keep you connected 24 hours a day.

Join Australia’s clean energy revolution by slashing your bills and reducing carbon emissions the solar way.

Solar Installation Options

Before setting up solar power, you must consider the two installation options: grid and off-grid connections. Factor in your budget and needs when deciding and get in touch with our team to find the right fit.

Grid Connection

Do you need electricity 24 hours a day? Opt for a grid connection that ties in with the electricity system you already have.

This solar system installation choice ensures you stay connected despite bad weather or darkness by switching back to mains when necessary. There’s no need for battery storage, and installation is quick and fuss-free.

Did you know that by installing a grid connection, you also increase the value of your property? Enjoy a higher return on investment and 100% renewable energy with this setup.

Off-Grid Connection

Are you in a remote location and find it too expensive to use mains power? Pick an off-grid system.

This connection is more economical, even short term, and solar rebates apply. Check out our range of stand-alone equipment to create the perfect system for your requirements.

Are blackouts common where you live? A deep cycle battery stores the energy the solar systems generate, so you enjoy power however rural you are. Avoid being in the dark by going clean and green with an off-grid solar connection.

Solar Power Options

Once you’ve decided between grid and off-grid connections, it’s time to pick a power system. Choose from a selection of economical and green options depending on where you are in the country and your preferences.


Solar Hot Water

Cut heating costs in your household by up to 75% and reduce gas emissions. 


Commercial or Residential

Any building with a large roof area can take advantage of commercial-scale power.


Water Pumping

Most common on farms and in the outback.

Take a Step in the Solar Direction Today

Whether you’re looking for solar systems as a business, homeowner, or community building manager, we’re here to help. At Solar Incentives, we make it our priority to find the best connection and installation for everyone.

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